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Kayra Sponge

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  • Bouncy for a fast, flawless finish
  • Super soft

How To Use

  1. Wet - Before each use, run it under your faucet until it’s fully soaked. You’ll notice that your sponge will almost double in size. This is supposed to happen! The special material in the sponge absorbs the water instead of absorbing your product–leaving more of it on your skin without getting soaked up by your sponge.
  2. Squeeze - Once your sponge is fully saturated, it’s time to squeeze it out. The goal is to apply your makeup with a damp sponge, so you’ll want to wring out all of the excess water. Your sponge should then be at the ideal size and dampness to start dipping into your product. You can rest assured knowing that you’re not wasting product since it’s simply bouncing off of your sponge without getting soaked into it.
  3. Bounce: Bounce powder or liquid foundation, bb cream, or concealer across your skin for a flawless finish. Pro tip: we don’t recommend dragging the sponge across your face. Swiping a makeup sponge over your skin is just moving product around instead of properly laying it on. Bouncing creates a uniform, seamless coverage without streaks and lines. Bounce the pointed tip in hard to reach areas like under the eyes and nose and bounce the wider end on larger surfaces like your cheeks, chin and forehead.

How To Clean

  • We recommend for you to wash your sponge after each use. Simply wet your sponge with water and use a makeup sponge cleaner of your choice to properly clean the sponge. Lather your sponge with the cleaner and rinse a few times. Wring out all the excess water and pat with dry towel. Leave the sponge to dry.
  • If you’re on the go and you only have time for a quick clean, pump a few spritzes of any instant makeup tools cleaner of your choice directly onto your sponge and use a towel to remove residue. For maximum cleanliness, we also recommend swapping out your Kayra Sponge every 3-6 months, just like your toothbrush and mascara.
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